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Traffic Calming Devices for the School Season

December 16th, 2017 | by Gurpreet Bains | in Blacktop Tips |    0   

Traffic calming is the use of engineering design to improve safety for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. In school areas, it is a critical engineering design as it’s used to make walking safer for children. As the nights get darker and wetter and visibility decreases, traffic calming devices are a great way to make your complex or business safer for everyone. Here are a few devices that can help keep children safe.

Speed Bumps
These are the most obvious devices for traffic calming. They’re used all over the world and are used to reduce speeds. You could also use a speed hump or speed cushion, which are similar but less aggressive.

Raised pedestrian crossings
Another way to get cars to slow down, especially at intersections, is to raise the pedestrian crossings. This, again, slows the cars down and makes it safer for the people walking.

The use of reflective paint to mark crosswalks can really help when the nights get darker and wetter. One effective way to make sure your parking lot is as safe as possible is to make sure that your stripes are as bright and noticeable as possible.

Speed Bump and Striping

A red octagon is the simplest, most easily understood sign in the world. A brightly-reflective, well-positioned stop sign can help drivers and pedestrians feel safer and more in control. Signs placed at the right height, in the right places, can control traffic effectively.

Save On Blacktop offers all kinds traffic calming solutions, from the ones already mentioned to even more subtle methods – a change in the asphalt, from smooth to cobbled, is a  very effective way of telling drivers they’re going the wrong way. If you’re interested in improving the safety of your business or residential area, come and talk to one of us at Save On Blacktop.

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