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Sealcoating your Driveway or Parking Lot

November 17th, 2017 | by Gurpreet Bains | in Blacktop Tips |    0   

Sealcoating is a very important part of asphalt maintenance. Many people make the mistake of getting a new driveway or parking lot and doing nothing else, believing that it will last forever without any care. But this extra step, coating the asphalt with this type of emulsion, will provide protection and extend the appearance and the lifespan of the paving.

Benefits of Sealcoating
Sealcoating protects the pavement from the sun and water. As an asphalt driveway or parking lot pavement are exposed to sun, wind, and rain, the pavement becomes more brittle, hardens, and is unable to bend and flex when exposed to the elements. The sealcoat is a waterproof barrier that slows down the natural degradation.


Sealcoating also increases the surface friction of the pavement. By adding this coating, additional texture is added as well, as many times the coating is mixed with sand or other additives to keep the asphalt from becoming smooth and slippery. A good sealcoat improves the traction on the paving.

When should you sealcoat?
Usually, sealcoating is applied one year after the initial pavement was laid. This allows for the paving to properly settle and cure. It is recommended to sealcoat driveways and parking lots every two or three years, but that is very dependent on how much use the surface endures. For a busy parking lot at a shopping mall, sealcoating more often may be a better idea.

Filling the cracks
Sealcoating can also help repair the damage that has already occurred in the asphalt by filling in the small cracks and voids that have started to appear in the surface. It really is never too late to think about sealcoating – as long as the driveway or parking lot isn’t a mess of potholes, sealcoating is an excellent idea.

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