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Colour your Pavement! A rainbow crosswalk may be coming soon to Salmon Arm

January 30th, 2018 | by Gurpreet Bains | in Blacktop News |    0   

Cities around the world continue to try to find small ways to show how they embrace diversity and community. Some bigger events, such as parades, bring thousands of people out to show their support for minority groups. But these events only last a short time and some communities want to show this support year round.

One permanent way of showing support is the new trend of painting rainbow-coloured crosswalks. Instead of the standard yellow stripes, the pavement is either painted or coloured eight colours, each representing a different concept:
    Pink – sexuality
    Red – respect for all life
    Orange – healing journeys within all walks of life
    Yellow – sunshine and air quality
    Green – the importance of the environment and nature
    Turquoise – the arts
    Blue – peace and harmony
    Violet – spirituality

Rainbow Crosswalk

Salmon Arm is the latest BC city to discuss re-paving a crosswalk with this multi-coloured symbol. These crosswalks already exist in Greater Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria, and Kelowna and may soon be appearing elsewhere.

Anyone who has walked over a rainbow crosswalk is immediately struck by the vibrancy of the colours and how it truly stands out from the surroundings. It’s a bright symbol that is clear to everyone around it and shows just how important inclusivity and diversity are to the community.

At Save On Blacktop, we know exactly how effective bright colours can be in paving. Instead of the mundane look of simple black pavement, we offer numerous colours and shades for any paving project you might have. From the greens of a tennis court to the yellows (or rainbows) of a crosswalk, choosing nice colours can make your home or business stand out from the crowd.

Come and talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives and we can show you how our commitment to excellence and drive to do more for our clients ensures that you’ll be happy with the work we do for you. No matter what colour you choose, our paving is second to none.

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