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Autumn in Alberta - Is it too late to start a paving project?

November 17th, 2017 | by Gurpreet Bains | in Blacktop Tips |    0   

We’ve all heard this joke before: Alberta doesn’t have four seasons, it only has two: winter and construction. And that construction is usually paving. We’ve all seen it, every spring and summer, as the paving trucks come out and shut down the busy streets of all Canadian cities. Driving in Edmonton in the summer is one big, paving-related traffic jam.

The reason for this is simple: late spring and summer are the best months of the year to pave anything. The external temperatures help keep the asphalt warmer, which is critical to paving. Some people believe that 20 degrees C is the best outdoor temperature for Hot Mix Asphalt.
But what do you do when it’s autumn and you have determined that you have a paving project that’s ready to go? You can’t wait until next spring – you need this work done now. Do you simply give up and hope for the best?

Paving the road

No. Any good paving contractor, such as Save On Blacktop, has many years of experience paving in cooler, or cold, temperatures. They bring their talents to the job and make sure that things move, or pave, smoothly.

The longer the Hot Mix Asphalt is exposed to the outside temperatures, the longer it sits without being compacted, the less stable it becomes. This is why an experienced crew can pave in cooler temperatures. They spend less time setting up and starting, so the asphalt spends less time losing stability. They can effectively work in less-than-ideal temperatures with no loss in quality and strength.

The equipment they’re using must also be prepared properly so that the asphalt will be ideal condition when they arrive to the job. This is another situation where experience is most important. You want to know that the company you hire is prepared and knows exactly what to do before a drop of asphalt hits the ground.

Save On Blacktop, with over 15 years experience working in all kinds of weather in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, is the ideal paving company for any asphalt paving jobs. Come and talk to us about any autumn paving you might need.

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